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This is currently what is available from the Unholy Death catalog. We have ample copies of each unless otherwise marked. If we have one copy of an item left, we will trade it, not sell. Due to past troubles with money orders, we now accept CASH ONLY. If you run a distribution or label, you may trade your items for ours, if you wish.

IMPORTANT: All Unholy Death Records releases are $2.00 each, BUT you must cooperate with our terms to get this price. You send in a blank tape(s), we record the material onto it and send it back with the cover. You are ONLY paying for the cover plus postage. We do not provide tapes unless otherwise stated. The reason we do things like this is to save you and ourselves money. These terms do not apply to non-Unholy Death items, of course. With them, you are paying for everything.

Send all orders to:
Unholy Death Records
66 Greshville Road
Boyertown, PA 19512

US postage rates:
One tape/CD/vinyl: $2.00
For each additional tape/CD/vinyl, add $1.00

International postage rates:
One tape/CD/vinyl: $5.00
For each additional tape/CD/vinyl, add $1.50
If you are ordering over six, contact us for postage rates.
For any other questions, contact us.

NOTE: When sending orders, cash must be UNITED STATES CURRENCY and make sure it is well concealed. Also, include a note stating what you want, and be sure you send the correct amount!

BEHEADED BAPTIST(US) - Rehearsal demo 2002 - [Unholy Death Records]
Format: Cassette

CULTUS(Holland) - De Zwaarden Spreken demo 2001 - [independant]
Very melodic and pounding Aryan/Pagan black metal.
Format: Cassette

EXSANGUINATION(US) - Swallowed By Hellfire compilation demo - [Unholy Death Records]
Bathory worship...
Format: Cassette

FUNERAL GOAT - Demo 1 demo 2001 - [Unholy Death Records]
Raw, primitive and ugly black metal... think of Profanatica and Beherit.
Format: Cassette

FUNERAL GOAT - Demo 2 demo 2002 - [Unholy Death Records]
More melodic than the first demo, but still raw and ugly.
Format: Cassette

KIKESLAUGHTER(US) - Hot Topic Holocaust demo 2002 - [Unholy Death Records]
Black/death/thrash with a humorous twist of NS.
Format: Cassette

STUPRATION/GORECUNT(US) - Fat Bitches Don't Deserve To Cum split 2002 - [Unholy Death Records]
Shitty, chaotic and raw grind vs. weird black/grind.
Format: Cassette

TANMO(US) - OppreSSive Lustyranikkal Fukkrituals ? - [Dipsomaniac Records] $6.00
Raw and noisy black metal chaoshit.
Format: CD-R

TOMB(US) - Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy demo 2002 - [Unholy Death Records]
Raw, strange, very unique black metal. Similar to Havohej...
Format: Cassette

TOPHET(US) - Self-titled demo 2002 - [Unholy Death Records]
Raw, pounding and chaotic... similar to VON in some ways.
Format: Cassette

TOXIC HOLOCAUST(US) - Critical Mass 2002 - [Nuclear Hell Records] $8.00
Loud and crusty old school black/thrash.
Format: CD-R

TOXIC HOLOCAUST(US) - Radiation Sickness 1999 - [Nuclear Hell Records] $8.00
Format: CD-R

TOXIC HOLOCAUST(US) - split with Oprichniki - [Nuclear Hell Records] $6.00
Black/thrash vs. hardcore punk. Format: 7" vinyl

TOXIC HOLOCAUST(US) - split with Hellacaust - [Nuclear Hell Records] $8.00
Black/thrash vs. grim black metal.
Format: CD-R